Charity Ball


Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary raised $21,000 for Aaron McNeil House

Junior Auxiliary’s 2018 Charity Ball was successful.

The Junior Auxiliary raised over $21,000 for the Aaron McNeil’s Children’s Backpack Hunger Program at the 2018 Charity Ball.  This money will impact over 175 children through the program.

The Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary entertained almost 150 members of the community with a silent auction, live music and hors d’oeuvres. Whitney Stewart and Nicole Cravens, chairs of the event were overwhelmed with gratitude from the support of the community. “I truly feel that the charity this year was one that tugged on the community’s heartstrings and in turn they wanted to give back. I think making a “Friend of Junior Auxiliary” sponsorship that feeds one child per school year really made an impact and we had several businesses and community members donate that amount,” Stewart explained. The organization brought in 39 “Friends of Junior Auxiliary” sponsorships.

“The Aaron McNeil House is doing such great work in our community, and the Backpack Program offers a service to children who are food insecure right here in Christian County – and we all have a soft spot for children in need,” replied Nicole. This program fills a bag of food for school aged children to help supplement their diet over the weekend.  “There are some parents who can’t make their food dollars stretch… or they can’t buy the healthiest stuff because they can’t afford it,” said Tamera Standard, Administrative Assistant to Aaron McNeil House. This program allows these children to get the nutrition they need, and gives the parents or guardians a peace of mind.

“Tamara with The Aaron McNeil House was a blessing to work with. She was very involved from the beginning and helped us spread the word about sponsorships and how people could get involved with the event,” Stewart explained, “Seeing her face when we presented the check at the end of the night literally brought me to tears.”

A tradition since the beginning of Junior Auxiliary, the Annual Charity Ball is the culmination of months of hard work, community dedication and giving back.  Each year the members of the Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary vote on a non profit organization in our community that they would like to donate the proceeds from the event. “Next year we plan to give just as much effort to another deserving organization. We hope we can match what was raised for this year’s event,” explained Nicole.