Community Grants


Grant-01The Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary Community Grant of $4,000 is given every other year to a non-profit community organization within Christian County.  The mission of the organization, the need for funds, how the grant would help the organization serve Christian County, how many will be served and details of the grant spend will all be considered in the decision to award the grant.

For the 2018 grant, organizations have until August 20, 2018 to submit their grant application.  Find out more below, or contact for more information. Grant finalists will be contacted by September 15, 2018, with the grant awarded at the November 3, 2018 Junior Auxiliary meeting.

Organizations should submit a description of the program for which funds are requested.  Supportive information must be limited to five pages and should include the following:

  • Brief background information and mission statement of the organization
  • Description of need for which funds are being requested
  • Source(s) and amount organization operates on yearly
  • How the grant will help the organization serve Christian County
  • How many people will be served by this grant
  • Itemized budget of program to be funded

Download the application JA Community Grant.

SmallGrants-01Each month, the Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary Board of Directors reviews applications for small grants, or appropriations, and presents nominations to the membership as a whole for approval.  Organizations and events benefitting Hopkinsville and Christian County specifically will receive priority consideration.

To be considered for a small grant, please send your request to:

Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary
P.O. Box 490
Hopkinsville, KY 42240